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Monument – Studio

When you’re skimming Pinterest to find something special for your home to really make it unique it is so easy to get bombarded with the popular choices. I am always on the hunt for unique and beautifully wall-coverings and the companies below truly deliver!


(Pictured Above)

  • Location: Portland, Oregon & New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Samples:  20 x 27″ $10.00 
  • Vibe: Minimal and fun. Love that they aren’t afraid of black.




Location: Works with designers in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, and New York City.

Samples: Email for samples.

Vibe: More commercially driven. They work with artists to produce wallcoverings that make a statement and are really driving for custom work. 





Location: New York, New York

Samples:  27 x 10.5″ $8.00 

Vibe: Super fun and bold patterns. Perfect for a kids room or even a game room. You will not find patterns like these anywhere else.

 Cherry Forever & B-A-N-A-N-A-S!



Location: Brooklyn, NY

Samples: 8.5 x 11″ $5.00

Vibe: Quirky and fun these wall coverings know how to make a statement. Check out their scented fruit wall covering. It is scratch & Sniff!





Location: Brooklyn, New York

Samples: 8″ x 10″ $10.00

Vibe: Rebecca’s designs allow you to make a statement but allow room for more patterns to be introduced. Her prints give you a calming feeling and the colorways are gorgeous. 


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