For our “Weddingmoon” we chose the beautiful Oia, Santorini! For those who may not know Oia is probably one of the most popular images floating around when you think of Greece. Its the town with the all white buildings stacked on top of each other and blue domed roofs. It is known for their sunsets and romantic vibes. Santorini was truly the MOST relaxing places I have ever stayed. It was so relaxed I honestly had anxiety the first night because the doors and windows are left open and the locks are not dead bolted. But it was not hard for me to quickly switch off my worries and adopt the Santorini state-of-mind.

I’ve rounded up some photos showing the places and things we did while in Santorini!

This was the view from our insane villa. We had our own private veranda which is impossible to find at one of their hotels. I would reccomend renting a house if you are looking for some sort of privacy. Their photos do not show how all balconies are connected in Oia.

This is the link to the airbnb we stayed in. I HIGHLY recommend it! Likno Traditional Villa

The stairs pictured above are what get you to Amoudi Bay! We ate at one of the restaurants by the ocean. I would recommend eating here at sunset!

When you walk down to Amoudi Bay there is a hiking trail that brings you to this spot where you can Cliff jump! I did not wear my bathing suit so I could not jump but my husband did and he LOVED it. This is also a must in Oia.

This was overlooking the bay from our Villa. You have to take a moment when staying in Oia everyday to enjoy the sunset. It is absolutely GORGEOUS.

Passaggio was one of our favorite brunch spots. Their lattes and food were amazing. Everything is so fresh on the island so make sure to order freshly squeezed juices.

While on this relaxing island it is important to take FULL advantage and get a message. Any of their nicer hotels offer spa packages. We went with the couples message at the Canaves hotel which is one of the more popular hotels on the island.

Make sure to check out the Black Sand Beach! Be sure to have water shoes when visiting this beach because it is very rocky and you can not get in the ocean with out having them. We also ordered that delicious food while we were there and ate it at our chairs.

These were the stairs leading up to the village from our Villa! The pink flowers are everywhere in Oia. You will see that all of the stairs in oia are painted grey.


There are so many boutique hotels that have great reviews. From staying in a villa with adequate privacy I would recommend airbnb or VRBO. The hotels are double the cost and half the privacy.


There are many restaurants off the main walking path so it is not hard to find food. Below are the Restaurants we tried:

  • Floga Restaurant This Resturaunt was small and intimate! Very romantic and the food was amazing.
  • Dimitri’s Ammoudi Taverna Great fresh seafood. We got the fried Calamari, Greek Salad, Tzaziki (a must at every retuaraunt), French Fries, and shrimp cocktail.
  • Passagio Great Lattes and house coffee! I had one of the best breakfast items here which was a smoked salmon dish.
  • Mezzo We hit this place up multiple times for breakfast. They have a large selection of omelettes. I love their fresh juice and greek yogurt dish.


  • Sunset in Oia This was so fun you take about a 5 hour catamaran around the island. They serve you alcohol and a freshly cooked dinner. The let you swim in the volcanic water which smells like sulfur and will mess your bathing suit up. The sunset is AMAZING. This is a MUST. Tip: Bring a go pro, something warm to wear it does get chilly at sunset, and wear a dark colored bathing suit.
  • Ammoudi Bay This is where you can eat fresh sea food, Take Donkeys up and down the stairs, go hiking, and go Cliff jumping!The cliff jumping is totally safe and the water is gorgeous.
  • Santorini Wine Tour. We had the best Tour guide! He took us to the best wineries and we were able to learn history about the island as well as taste Greek wine. We also made a put stop at a brewery called Crazy Donkey. The winery tour ends with an amazing dinner near the black sand beach. The grapes are grown in volcanic soil so it gives it a distinct taste.
  • Beaches! There are tons of beaches around Santorini. You can rent an ATV or take a cab to these beaches. The Black Sand Beach is very close to the airport. The Red Sand Beach requires hiking to get to it and you can walk to the White Sand Beach from the Red Sand Beach. Tip: Like I mentioned earlier…where Water shoes!
  • Explore! Santorini is a small island so it is easy to explore the entire island. Take advantage of its size and make sure to check out the local shops.


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