Designer Spotlight: Cle Tile

Designer Spotlight: Cle Tile

Tile is a material that I feel is so under-used. There are so many times I see a beautifully designed kitchen or bathroom and tile always seems to be the missing piece to make their room look complete. With that being said, I am ALWAYS on the hunt for tile inspiration which led me to Cle Tile.

The moment I saw Cle tile on instagram I immediately fell in love. The detail in this tile is so beautiful. The image below is what sparked my interest and normally I am not a green tile person but this totally changed my mind!


Deborah Osburn began a blog called “tile envy”. She would post about artisanal tiles because she felt like no one else was talking about it. A couple of years later after many readers began asking how they could source these artisanal tiles she decided to launch her online shop. Check out the About section on the website to learn more!

See below for a round up of some of my favorite tiles from Cle.

clé slate – Small Plank 4″ x 12″

zenith 8″ x 8″ x 5/8″

checkmate 8″ x 8″ x 5/8″

black solid scallops 8″

erica tanov + clé – large brass sequin 6 x 3.86″


My most favorite thing about Cle is that the collaborate with artists and designers! I couldn’t choose just a few from that collection because I love them all in their own way. So click the link in the title above this to see more!


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